HVAC Maintenance Plan In Chatsworth, Palmdale, and Santa Clarita, CA

HVAC Maintenance Plan In Chatsworth, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, CA, and Surrounding Areas



To inspect all covered equipment and perform preventative maintenance services including, but not limited to:


By selecting services included in LP Quality Air Tune Up Agreement, the homeowner (customer) agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All Contracts are subject to LP Quality Air inspection and approval of the customer’s heating and/or air conditioning equipment as suitable for inclusion under this Contract.
  2. The effective period of this Contract shall be for one (1) year commencing from the date of subscription (must be paid in full).
  3. This Contract will automatically renew yearly at the current rate. You must call the office to cancel.
  4. Customer must call to schedule their Tune-up(s).
  5. This Contract covers (1) heating and/or air conditioning system, if there are multiple systems at the property, the customer must specify what system is being covered at the beginning of the effective period.
  6. This Contract covers only the repair and replacement of parts which result from the normal operation of the heating/air conditioning equipment during the effective period of the contract. Any person, other than a LP Quality Air employee, rendering repairs or adjustments to the equipment, during the effective period, will void this Contract.
  7. This Contract does not cover water leaks, condensate clogs, water damage or damage caused by condensate leaks or excessive dampness at the customer’s property.
  8. LP Quality Air shall not be liable for failure or delay to provide the service called for under this Contract if such failure or delay results from:
    a. Strike or other labor disturbances including war
    b. Fire, flood, lightening and all other acts of God
    c. Frozen pipes
    d. Frozen oil lines and/or contaminated oil tanks
    e. Supplier’s delay or inability to supply parts
    f. Government laws or regulations
    g. Failure of or complications caused by customer’s supply of electricity, water or fuel
    h. Improperly set thermostat
    i. Finding manual switches in the “Off” position
    j. Inability to gain access
    k. Vandalism, abuse or tampering of equipment
    l. Obsolete parts
  9. LP Quality Air shall also not be liable under this Contract for the customer’s failure to use ordinary care in the operation of the heating/air conditioning equipment, including but not limited to failure to keep water in boiler or oil in tank, failure to turn on main switch, blown fuses or circuit breakers or any other cause unrelated to normal operation of the equipment or which may affect LP Quality Air ability to fulfill its obligations under the terms of this Contract.
  10. If, when due to age, condition or obsolescence, it is no longer practical to continue servicing the customer’s equipment, LP Quality Air reserves the right to rescind this Contract, or modernize said equipment, with customer’s approval and at the customer’s expense, which will continue this Contract.
  11. LP Quality Air liability under this Contract is limited to the services specified. LP Quality Air shall not be liable for any consequential damages in any way arising out of performance or non-performance under this Contract. This Contract does not guarantee your equipment will fail.
  12. Parts, equipment and/or labor not included under this Contract will be charged to the customer at prevailing rates. Including but not limited to humidifiers, flue devices, electronic air cleaners, heat distributing units, boiler & jacket on hot water units or heat exchanger & jacket on warm air units, combustion chamber and chimney, water heater tank, domestic hot water coil and tempering valves, water maker, heat transfer coil, zone valves, ductwork, plumbing, fuel lines, oil tanks, heat exchangers, flow control valve or motorized zone dampers, condenser, condenser coil, compressor, evaporator coil, condensate pump/line, primary and/or emergency drain pan(s), accumulator and/or filter drier replacement. Customer’s refusal of needed repairs will void this Contract.
  13. This Contract is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  14. LP Quality Air may decline service if conditions present a risk of harm to our technicians.
  15. LP Quality Air reserves the right to terminate this Contract should the customer fail to provide a safe and reasonably clean area in which to work.

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