How Do You Maintain Your Heating System?

It is essential to maintain your heating system to avoid sudden breakdowns in the middle of the winter season. Moreover, with the high energy bills, it is necessary to ensure the system runs efficiently throughout the season to maintain the bills this year.

Heating installation experts in Simi Valley, CA, are here to tell you tips and tricks to efficiently and easily maintain your heating system efficiency and performance. 

Tips And Tricks To Maintain A Heating System This Year

Here are some tips from the experts that will help you to keep the heating system in good condition: 

  • Replace The Air Filter: Replacing the air filter is a mandatory task that every household owner should do at the beginning of the winter. The air filter traps all the pollutant particles in the air, and excessive dust accumulation can block the airway. It will impact the airflow and will increase the electricity bills.

    Experts recommend buying a highly-effective washable air filter that you can wash weekly to ensure the system delivers clean air.

  • Switch To A Smart Thermostat: Thermostats help you to set the temperature and control the heating system. However, a smart or programmable thermostat helps to save your preferred settings, and the thermostat will control the heating system. So, if you forget to switch off the heating system when you go out, the thermostat will do it on your behalf.

  • Unrestricted And Clean Vents: HVAC systems like furnaces use ducts and vents to deliver warm air into the interiors. A problem in the duct system can affect the comfort of your home. That’s why, according to heating replacement experts in Simi Valley, CA, it is best to keep an eye on the duct system and report the irregularities to the technician. Ensure the air vents in your residence are clean and no furniture blocks them.

  • Keep An Eye On The Insulation: A layer of insulation in your home can prevent heat loss and keep your house warm and cozy. However, it can wear down with time, and the air can leak from the small tiny invisible holes. So, keep an eye on the insulation and insulate all the metal pipes and ducts to protect them from temperature variations.

  • Keep Up With The Maintenance Service: Another mandatory task you should do at the beginning of the winter season is to schedule an annual maintenance service for the heating system. Maintenance services do half of your work to ensure the system runs efficiently and prevents the chances of breaking down.

  • Stick With The Thermostat Temperature: The heating installation experts in Simi Valley, CA, suggest avoiding changing the thermostat temperature frequently. You can wear more layers of warm clothing to stay comfortable, but running the heating system at high temperatures can increase the strain on the system. 


We recommend you carry out a monthly visual inspection of the heating system and report the issue to the heating replacement technician in Simi Valley, CA if you find any.  LP Quality Air technicians are here to look after your heating system. Call (818) 873-5807 and hire our heating repair experts at budget-friendly rates.