Can You Clean Your Own Heat Pump?

Can You Clean Your Own Heat Pump?

You might be surprised to learn that you can clean your heat pump. While it’s not the most glamorous of household chores, it is something you can do yourself with little time and effort. Heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool your home. It transfers heat from one place to another, either from the outdoors into your home or from your home into the outdoors.

Over time, heat pumps can become dirty and clogged with dust and debris. It can reduce their efficiency and cause them to break down more frequently. That’s why it’s important to keep them clean and well-maintained. At LP Quality Air, our experienced technicians provide heat pump service in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, and surrounding areas. We clean and maintain your heat pump to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

You can clean your heat pump by following these simple steps:

  1. First, you’ll need to gather some supplies. You’ll require a garden hose, a bucket, a soft brush, and mild detergent. Once you have your supplies, you can start the cleaning process.
  2. Begin by turning off your heat pump. Next, remove the access panel to the heat pump. It will give you access to the coils and other components inside.
  3. Next, use your garden hose to rinse off the coils and other components. Be sure to use a gentle stream of water to not damage any of the heat pump’s parts.
  4. Once you’ve rinsed off the heat pump, mix some mild detergent and water in your bucket. Using your soft brush, gently scrub the heat pump’s coils and other components. Ensure you rinse the heat pump thoroughly with the garden hose when you’re finished.
  5. At last, replace the access panel and turn on your heat pump. Your heat pump will now be clean and run more efficiently.

If you find cleaning your heat pump too extensive or are uncomfortable doing it yourself, you can call LP Quality Air for heat pump service. We’re located in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas.

Advantages Of Keeping Heat Pumps Clean

There are several advantages to keeping your heat pump clean:

  • Improved Efficiency: When heat pumps become dirty, their efficiency decreases. This means they have to work harder to transfer heat, which uses more energy and increases your utility bills. Keeping your heat pump clean will help it to run more efficiently and save you money on energy bills.
  • Increased Lifespan: Another advantage of keeping your heat pump clean is that it will last longer. Just like any other appliance in your home, heat pumps need regular maintenance to function properly. When they’re not maintained, they can break down prematurely. Cleaning your heat pump will help it last longer and avoid costly repairs.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Keeping your heat pump clean can improve indoor air quality. When heat pumps become dirty, they can circulate dust and allergens into your home. It can cause respiratory problems for you and your family. By keeping your heat pump clean, you can improve your overall indoor air quality and breathe easier.

You can clean the outer parts of the heat pump yourself. However, we recommend contacting an HVAC professional for deep cleaning of the unit. Doing it yourself is not always a great option if your systems need to be cleaned internally. If you are in the Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, area and searching for the best heat pump maintenance service provider, call us at (818) 873-5807. We will send one of our qualified technicians to your home, who will service your heat pump unit with the utmost care.