7 Tips To Help You Avoid Emergency Heating Repair

A troubling thought that could happen in winter is when your heating system breaks down suddenly in the middle of the night. 

Are you looking for ways to prevent emergency repairs this year and avoid repair expenses? LP Quality Air heating repair experts in Simi Valley, CA, have your back!

Experts Explain How To Avoid Heating Emergency Repairs

Adopting preventive measures that protect your heating system is key to preventing emergency heating repair expenses. Here are some tips that you can add to your household routine: 

  • Change The Filters: According to our experts, the first thing every household owner should do at the beginning of the winter season is to replace the air filter. The air filter responsibility is to trap dust and pollutant particles in the air.

    However, if the particles accumulate in the filter, they block the airway and affect the airflow. Ensure to clean it monthly, so the airflow and air quality remain at the highest level.

  • Annual Maintenance: The next thing you should do after replacing the air filter is search for a heating service near me for a maintenance and tune-up service. The technician will inspect the system and resolve the issues that might have developed in the system. Moreover, the technician will clean the system and lubricate the mechanical components to maintain efficiency.

  • Prevent The Dirt: Your responsibility is to take care of the unit after the HVAC technician cleans it up. Ensure the surroundings of the heating system are clean to prevent the tiny debris material from causing trouble with the components. Scrub the condenser coils with dish-cleaning soap and inspect the condensate drain daily to ensure no blockage.

  • Call The Technician: If you find the heating system is working irregularly, it is essential to report the issue to the experts for heating repair in Simi Valley, CA.

  • Check The Thermostat Settings: Check the thermostat settings if your heating system starts to blow cold air. Ensure the thermostat is set to auto mode and avoid changing the temperature frequently. Keeping the thermostat at a high temperature or changing the temperature frequently strains the heating system.

  • Keep An Eye On The Humidity Levels: You can tell your heating system is malfunctioning if there is an imbalance of humidity levels in your home. Call the technician if the air in your surroundings feels too moist or dry.

  • Know When To Replace The System: Experts recommend replacing the heating system after  a decade in your residence. Check the age of your system and replace it when necessary. 

Bottom Line

When searching for a heating service near me, look no further than LP Quality Air. We value our customers and never disappoint in delivering on-time and world-class service. Call (818) 873-5807, and we will help you to bring back the comfort in your home!